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42% of the highest quality protein and complex carbohydrates that are an invaluable source of energy make up the perfect ingredients of your breakfast, the most important meal of the day! 

Coconut and oat flour, desiccated coconut (coconut flavour), oatmeal and freeze-dried fruits (raspberry flavour) give the pancakes a unique, individual taste, unlike any other product! 
Research shows that consuming high-protein products has a key influence on the development of muscle mass and reduction of adipose tissue! 

Hi Pro Pancakes: 

- Your energy kick!
The raw ingredients from coconuts that we used in the production of Hi Pro Pancakes are rich in medium-length saturated fatty acids - so-called MCT fatty acids. Their digestion therefore does not require lipase or bile acids. They are metabolised directly by the liver and are quickly used to generate energy in the process of β-oxidation. 

- Support during weight loss!
The high fibre content of the raw ingredients derived from coconuts and oat flour additionally supports weight loss. High consumption of fibre has been officially recognised as a factor counteracting excess weight and obesity. It is associated with lower body weight, a lower content of adipose tissue and a smaller waist and hip circumference. Fibre also reduces the energy density of food and prolongs the feeling of satiety. 

- Effective prevention of morning catabolism!

- A tasty, nutritious meal during the day!

Apple and cinnamon 

42,5% protein blend (whey protein concentrate (from milk), whey protein hydrolysate (from milk), egg white powder), whole milk powder, skimmed-milk powder, coconut flour, oat flakes, oat flour, thickener – xanthan gum; raising agent – sodium carbonates; flavourings, 1,25% freeze-dried apples, emulsifier – lecithins (from soy); sweetener – sucralose.

Nutritional value Per portion (60 g + 85 ml/water)
Per 100 g of powder
 Energy value 1032 kJ/246 kcal 1720 kJ/409 kcal
 including saturated fatty  acids
4,7 g
4,7 g
7,8 g
7,8 g
 including sugars
23 g
7,8 g
38 g
13 g
 Fibre 4,4 g 7,3 g
 Protein 27 g 45 g
 Salt 1,9 g 3,1 g

Method of preparation: Mix 1 serving (60g = 1.5 measuring cup) with 85ml of water.  Pour in on the  pan and fry till the pancake is browned on the bottom and the very edges are beginning to lift away, it isready to toss it. Keep practising: to obtain te perfect and tasty one.