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Omelette in powder. Low sugar. Perfect for people who wish to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet! Just add water, mix and fry! HI PRO OMELETTE GOLD is the best combination of the traditional taste and a modern recipe – a perfect complement to a balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. It has a high protein content (47% protein in powder) and it is a source of fibre. Protein contributes to a growth and maintenance of muscle mass. This delicious omelette is extremely easy to prepare and it has a natural flavour. It can be served as a separate dish or combined with freely selected salty or sweet toppings! 

Ingredients: egg white powder, whole egg powder, corn fibre, coconut flour, whole milk powder, raising agent – sodium carbonates; thickener – xanthan gum; emulsifier – lecithins (from soy).

Nutritional value Per portion (75 g + 150 ml/water)
Per 100 g of powder
 Energy 1358 kJ/323 kcal 1810 kJ/431 kcal
 Fat including saturated fatty   acids 11 g
11 g
14 g
14 g
 including sugars
15 g
3,8 g
20 g
5,0 g
 Fibre 13 g 17 g
 Protein 35 g 47 g
 Salt 2,7 g 3,6 g

Instructions for preparation: add 1 portion (75 g = 2 scoops) to 150 ml of water. Mix until smooth. Fry the omelette on both sides until optimally structured.