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Brand: Weider

Product description:

This protein has the highest biological value and is best tolerated by the body. Weider has developed a high-quality protein powder that has a pleasant taste and meets physiological needs. A very important role here is played by the production method, because microfiltrated protein is used as the raw material, which does not tolerate high temperatures and high pressure. The product includes the most important amino acids with a branched structure (BCAA) and glutamine. Gold Whey contains globulin and glycomacropeptides, which are biologically active substances. They promote health promotion like probiotics or omega-3 fatty acids. Gold Whey contains beta and alpha-lactoglobulins, which regulate the acid-base balance and are energy suppliers. Immunoglobulins strengthen the defenses of the body, and glycomacropeptides control appetite. Gold Whey does not contain aspartame.

Product features:

  • 23 g of BCAAs per 100 g protein
  • produced by using ultra filtration
  • aspartame free
  • supports your build-up and muscle phase

Special features:

  • high content of protein: 80 g/100 g product
  • contains all key elements of whey protein to ensure high protein content

Ingredients (allergens are highlighted in bold): 94% whey protein concentrate  , 5% low fat cocoa powder, flavor, sweetener: acesulfame-K, sodium cyclamate, saccharine sodium; Emulsifiers: soya lecithins , mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; Dye:Dye: beta-carotene  E150c. May contain traces of gluten and egg. 


nutritional information Per 100 g Per 30 g of powder in 300 ml low fat milk (1.5% fat) Per 30 g of powder in 300 ml of water
 energy value 1690 kJ 1100 kJ 507 kJ
  400 kcal 264 kcal 120 kcal
 fat 6.3 G 6.7 G 1.9 G

 hereof: saturated fatty  acids

3.7 G 4.4 G 1.1 G
 carbohydrates 9.3 G 17 G 2.8 G

 of which sugars

7.3 G 17 G 2.2 G


76 G 33 G 23 G
 salt 0.84 G 0.6 G 0.25 G


Amino acid balance per 100 g protein
L-Alanine 4,7 g
L-Arginine 2,5 g
L-Aspartic acid 10,7 g
L-Cysteine 1,9 g
L-Glutamic acid 16,8 g
L-Glycine 1,9 g
L-Histidine 2,1 g
L-Isoleucine 6,6 g
L-Leucine 10,7 g
L-Lysine 8,9 g
L-Methionine 1,9 g
L-Phenylalanine 3,3 g
L-Proline 6,7 g
L-Serine 4,6 g
L-Threonine 6,5 g
L-Tryptophan 1,8 g
L-Tyrosine 2,7 g
L-Valine 5,7 g


Recommended use:

Take 1 serving in the morning after getting up = start to the day and 1 serving directly after workout.
Mix it with semi-skimmed milk during build-up phase and a piece of fruits additionally.
Mix it with water during definition phase. No fruits additionally. Store cool, dry and dark.