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What is collagen and what is its role in the body?
Collagens - a specific group of proteins, which account for more than 25% of the protein mass in the body. At present, there are 28 types of collagens present in the human body. Regardless of the type of collagen, its molecule is a fragment of a three-dimensional helix whose coil (triad) contains three amino acid residues - glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. This structure of the molecule is characteristic for all types of collagens. Collagens are the main protein of various body tissues - skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, vessels - and give them certain functional properties.

In the human body, a balance must be maintained between the synthesis of natural collagen and its enzymatic cleavage. There are a number of factors that can upset this balance:
- Age (natural aging processes);
- Increased stress on the joints;
- Mechanical damage to the joints.
At too intensive losses of collagen in the body, there may be a decrease in the strength of connective tissue, a violation in the structure of cartilage and increased abrasion, flabbiness of the skin, a decrease in the strength and elasticity of the vessels.

Flexagen ™ is the only food supplement that includes natural type II collagen and collagen hydrolyzate supplemented with vitamins C and B6 and 5 minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and copper. The carefully selected Flexagen ™ formulation provides the integrated action of this product.
• Promotes cartilage regeneration
• Gives elasticity and strength to connective tissue formations - tendons, ligaments.
• The minerals included in Flexagen ™ - calcium and phosphorus - are of great importance for increasing the strength of bones and joints.
• Supports the synthesis of collagen in the body.
• Provides the formation of the correct structure of connective tissue.
• Helps improve the appearance and formation of the correct structure of hair, skin and nails.
• Safe to use.
• Contains natural food colors.
Has a delicate raspberry flavor.

Flexagen ™ is especially needed:
- to people of middle and old age, especially leading an active way of life or experiencing an increased strain on joints;
- those who perform heavy physical exertion;
- training athletes;
- people with excess weight;
- women in the period of menopause;
- those who have suffered trauma or surgical intervention on the musculoskeletal system;
- during the period of restorative treatment;
- people with unbalanced diet.

Ingredients: 83% collagen hydrolysate, 9.7% mineral complex (Calci-K™, Albion®): calcium citrate, calcium salt of orthophosphoric acid, potassium citrate, potassium salt of orthophosphoric acid; malic acid – acidity regulator, 1.8% magnesium carbonate, aromas, maltodextrin, sucralose, acesulfame K – sweeteners, native form of collagen type II, 0.1% vitamins (L-ascorbic acid – vit. C, pyridoxine chlorhydrate – vit.B6), manganese diglycinate (manganese amino acid chelate Albion®), copper diglycinate (copper amino acid chelate Albion®), carmine acid (for raspberry flavour).
Nutrition information 1 dose (12g + 150ml of water)
Collagen hydrolysate  10 g
Native collagen type II 5 mg
Vitamins and minerals:  
Vit C      12 mg (15%*)
Vit B6    0,21 mg (15%*)
Calcium (from Calci-K™, Albion®) 210 mg (26,25%*)
Phosphorus (from Calci-K™, Albion®)     105 mg (15%*)
Magnesium  56,25 mg (15%*)
Manganese (amino acid chelate Albion®)     0,3 mg (15%*)
Copper (amino acid chelate Albion®)     150 µg (15%*)

*NRV – nutrient reference value
Recommended use: mix 1 bag (12 g) of powder in 150 ml of fresh water and drink once a day.