CASEIN 100%, 500 G

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Brand: Weider

Product description:

  • Protein formula with calcium caseinate for longer release of amino acids.

Product features:

  • High protein content of over 84% with pure casein!
  • Contains proteins from pure casein
  • Makes you feel fuller for longer
  • Low-fat and low-sugar
  • Supports strength- and muscle grow*
  • For breakfast, after working out and ideal before going to bed!
  • Very high protein content from 100% pure casein
  • Less than 1 g fat and carbohydrates per portion

* Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass

Features and other effects:

  • Casein' special biochemical characteristics can only reveal their full potential in a completely pure product. Weider 100% Casein is produced using cutting-edge manufacturing methods and offers top quality for your training success.
  • 100% Casein is therefore ideal for your last meal of the day before going to bed, or as a snack between meals in the definition phase. It is also perfect for protecting the muscles during tough training units to burn fat.
  • Ideal alternative to low-fat curd cheese or cottage cheese!
  • Casein makes up the major protein fraction in milk, constituting around 80% of milk proteins. Caseins have special nutritional and functional characteristics that set them apart from other milk proteins.
  • The genetically determined structure of the casein enables each gram of casein to bind to up to 4 g of water. This results in the formula' very creamy consistency, which contributes to its delicious taste and makes you feel fuller for longer.
Ingredients : 85% calcium caseinate, 10.8% low fat cocoa powder, flavor, sweetener: acesulfame-K, sodium cyclamate, saccharine sodium; Sodium chloride. May contain traces of gluten, soy and egg. 

nutritional information Per 100 g Per 25 g of powder in 300 ml low fat milk (1.5% fat) Per 25 g of powder in 300 ml of water
 energy value 1536 kJ 977 kJ 384 kJ
  362 kcal 231 kcal 91 kcal
 fat 2.1 G 5.3 G 0.5 G
 hereof: saturated fatty  acids
1.3 G 3.1 G 0.3 G
 carbohydrates 4.8 G 16 G 1.2 G
 of which sugars
1.2 G 15 G 0.3 G
 protein 81 G 30 G 20 G
 salt 0.6 G 0.5 G 0.15 G

Recommended use:

  • Stir 25 g powder (1 measure scoop) in 300 ml semi-skimmed milk (1,5% fat) or water.
  • For breakfast, after training and ideally before bed!